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On February 19th, my favorite grocery store Aldi released three different varieties of Keto friendly ice cream at just 5g of net carbs per serving: mint chocolate chip, peanut butter fudge, and cookie dough. I decided to purchase each flavor and test them for myself to see how these Aldi Keto ice cream low carb desserts ranked against their competitors.

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At just $3.99 for a single pint, this is one of the cheapest Keto ice creams that you can find. For comparison, Enlightened Ice Cream is usually sold around $4.99 and Rebel Ice Cream is usually sold at $5.99. Other Keto ice creams can be sold for an even price, close to double the cost of Aldi’s Keto ice cream.

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Aldi’s Keto ice cream comes in three different flavor varieties: Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Fudge, and Mint Chocolate Chip. Fans of flavors such as strawberry or plain chocolate won’t have any luck here, but the limited flavor varieties is how Aldi keeps the price down. If you are a fan of cookie dough, peanut butter fudge, or mint chocolate chip, then you will be in luck.


When it comes to the flavor of the ice creams, I was actually a huge fan of all three. I personally tend to like cookie dough and peanut butter fudge flavors, but mint chocolate can be hit or miss for me. However, all three flavors were right on the mark.

I could taste the individual notes of peanut butter and chocolate fudge along with a hint of coffee in the peanut butter fudge flavor. The cookie dough flavor tasted like any other cookie dough ice cream with those big cookie dough chunks that I love to uncover. Finally the mint chocolate had just the right balance of mint and chocolate flavors to combine into a tasty delight.

aldi keto ice cream


A tip for the optimum texture or consistency of this Aldi Keto ice cream would be to leave the ice cream out on the counter for about 15 minutes or so before consuming. This will result in a very creamy texture that is just like any other ice cream. If you eat the ice cream directly from the freezer it won’t be as creamy, yet it will still taste good.

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When examining the ingredients, I was pleasantly surprised to see the quality of ingredients chosen by Aldi. Instead of a cheap sugar alcohol like maltitol or sucralose they went with erythritol and monk fruit extract, both best in class ingredients.

I was a little bummed out to see palm oil being used in the cookie dough variety, as it is not sustainably sourced unless specifically stated. In addition, “natural flavors” were used in all three varieties, an ingredient I usually try to stay away from. Overall though for the price of each pint, I cannot complain too much as a large majority of the ingredients in all three varieties are fairly clean and good for you.


Aldi Keto ice cream advertises itself with a big label stating 5g of net carbs on the front of each pint. However, it is important to note that this is per serving, and each pint contains 3 servings. This means that each pint of ice cream will contain 15 net carbs.

Examining each pint we find that each flavor ranges between 210 and 220 calories per serving. The sugar alcohol content combined with the fiber cuts the high carb count and makes these Keto friendly. In addition, each serving contains between 4 and 5 grams of protein, a nice added bonus. Overall, the nutrition profile is pretty good considering this is ice cream after all.


Overall, this Aldi Keto ice cream has to be right on top of the list when it comes to tasty ice cream that is perfect for anybody looking for a low carb dessert. When you combine the taste with the ingredients, nutrition profile, and the price, you are left with a Keto ice cream that leaves its competitors in the dust. Like most good things at Aldi though, these are supposed to be a limited time offer and will only be available for about a week. If enough people buy it though we may see these Keto ice cream pints as a regular item.

If you have tasted any three of the Aldi Keto ice cream varieties, tell me what you thought of them in the comment section below!

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